Family office

Commenda offers peace of mind

A grip on your assets without being constantly involved.
As a multi-family office Commenda provides comprehensive financial and administrative services. Our exclusive care for your financial well-being enables you to make informed decisions faster and more easily.


Customization makes things as simple as possible

We map your wealth and propose an approach tailored to your situation and needs. Together with you, we determine the strategy to reduce risk and make sure your assets perform optimally. In doing so, we also advise you on the sustainability of your investments.


Personal approach

At Commenda you have a fixed point of contact. A senior partner answers all your questions and provides you with access to our extensive network of leading experts in a variety of financial specialties.
Your specific wishes and preferences form the basis of our services.
We can also support you administratively and secretarially. For example, Commenda can provide the accounts for your companies together with the daily financial administration. If desired, we can handle both your business and personal mail, manage your short-term liquidity, arrange your cash management and ensure that your invoices are paid.



The performance we deliver is handled by a talented team of more than 20 enthusiastic professionals. With a proven successful methodology, we align investment decisions to the strategy you have chosen. By sharing resources and innovative ideas, Commenda achieves a higher return at lower costs. Our purchasing power also benefits clients: due to our size we command higher volume discounts than individual clients and of course we pass these discounts on to our clients.