Impact investing

You can use your assets to contribute to the transition to a green, social, and fair society. Investing intelligently, you not only build your capital, but can also invest in a sustainable future, increasing the value of your assets and your significance to society. And above all, contribute to your personal satisfaction.

The need for this should be clear to everyone. As a society and as a planet, we face major interconnected challenges: our climate is changing, there is a loss of biodiversity, and our socio-economic system is being stressed. For many global challenges, we are the last generation able to turn the tide before it is too late. That requires a radical transformation. You can contribute through your investment strategy because every investment has a social and / or environmental impact, be it negative or positive.

The number of investment funds that take environmental, social and / or governance aspects into account in investment decisions has increased significantly, but the way in which this is done differs greatly. Our “impact investing” specialists understand the opportunities and the risks. Commenda can provide you with specific advice on the form of investing that suits your personal motives and the impact themes with which you feel connected. This may involve consciously excluding companies or sectors or, conversely, investing in companies that explicitly focus on a particular sustainability goal.

Commenda wants to help you make a positive impact. Our impact investing specialists have extensive experience in managing impact funds and have an extensive network in the impact investing sector.

Commenda is also a Trusted Partner of Conscious Investors’ Community PYM. PYM is a foundation that focuses on consciously investing for a better world, providing a platform on which asset owners, their advisors and impact investing experts work together and exchange knowledge.