Impact investing

Your assets can make a social impact. With impact investing (also known as socially-conscious investing), your investment aims to achieve measurable, beneficial social or environmental effects in addition to a financial return. Impact investments constitute a hybrid of charity and private equity: the financial strength of wealthy investors helps to realize social change.

This focus on a positive impact adds a dimension to your investments: it increases the social value of your assets and your significance in society. Above all, it provides personal satisfaction.

Commenda pays explicit attention to social involvement in its advice. We also offer tailor-made solutions in the field of impact investments and, together with you, we select investment options that suit your personal motives and match the social themes with which you feel a connection.

Interest in using capital to make a measurable impact is growing strongly. There is now a wide range of options available, both nationally and in emerging markets, from improving living conditions in developing countries via microfinance to increasing sustainability by investing in alternative energy resources/technologies, and from improving nature and animal welfare to reducing waste. Commenda understands the possibilities and risks of the various funds and can provide targeted advice on the type of impact investing that suits you best.