Insight into your assets

Total overview

Commenda provides one overarching report. A complete overview of all your assets: assets at home and abroad, listed and unlisted, real estate, private equity, private collections, you name it. Unequivocal, complete and clear.
Our reporting maps the risks across your portfolio and compares returns and costs against benchmarks. This way you can see clearly how your asset managers and banks are performing and at what cost. In our experience these reports are very well received.


Objective and transparent

With your interests paramount, Commenda does not provide asset management services, nor do we provide investment or tax advice. Being independent, we judge asset managers on their added value and have a strong track record in analyzing diversified portfolios.
Portfolios are often spread across various banks and asset managers. Because our reporting provides a clear bundle of all relevant information, tax specialists, accountants, foundations and family offices also make use of our consolidated investment reports.
The cost of our service is also transparent: the fee is based on the time our employees spend.



Our unique software underpins our reporting. Thanks to this advanced information system, our reporting can be fully tailored to your needs: compact or extremely detailed, at the frequency you want, on paper or online.