That's why clients choose Commenda


Commenda is not affiliated with any financial institution. In the interests of our clients, we do not manage wealth ourselves nor do we give investment or tax advice. By avoiding any risk of conflict of interest, as your independent advisor we can negotiate optimal asset management costs, select the right service providers for you and assess asset managers. As a family office, we are unique in this. Commenda is fully owned by the partners, who work in the business as your advisors every day.


Access to top experts

Commenda offers you access to our extensive network of reliable and expert advisors at home and abroad. We know these leading experts well and pool their knowledge to benefit our clients. This synergy offers economies of scale, including pooling of ideas and assets and affordable access to the services of the world’s top asset management specialists, notaries, and professionals in the fields of law, accountancy, tax and real estate.



As a client of Commenda, you have a fixed point of contact. A senior partner who knows your wishes and your situation through and through and proactively provides tailor-made advice. An expert sounding board you can contact with all your questions.


Trust and compliance

Discretion is the basis for our work. We know the importance of your privacy. You are open with us about all your activities. Mutual trust is the basis for long-term relationships with our clients.

Our Compliance department is your guarantee that we will always abide by the rules. The Internal Compliance Officer constantly monitors our integrity. In your interests, Commenda distances itself from corruption, fraud and money laundering. Annually, an external audit is undertaken so that stakeholders can be confident that Commenda’s financial position is represented correctly.

We also fully screen our employees. Dutch law also obliges us to do so when we start a relationship with you. Knowing so much about each is the basis for a special relationship, and we treat this knowledge with integrity.

Commenda is supervised by De Nederlandsche Bank and has all the necessary permits, including a license from DNB under the Trust Office Supervision Act.


Innovative IT

Our software system, together with our people, is at the heart of our company. Innovative technology is the secret to our advanced reporting.
Your privacy is a priority for us and we also use IT to monitor it. Your data will only be stored at Commenda, where we have the highest possible certification in the field of data security. Checks by external security experts ensure that Commenda continues to meet the most stringent requirements.


The name Commenda

The Commenda is a two-partner enterprise that existed in Italy in the 12th century. One partner had money to invest which was used to buy merchandise. The second partner accompanied the goods to a trading city to sell them to local merchants. The traveling partner then returned with the money and profits.